Coming together, as a team, couldn’t have felt more natural. Since meeting one another, we’ve upheld a very consistent standard for our bond: honesty. We’ve known each other, for years, and we’ve witnessed one another navigate some of our most ugly-beautiful chapters. Through it all, we were both committed to being compassionate and non-judgmental. And, with that kind of safety, we were both able to confidently be true to our most authentic selves; no matter what that looked or felt like, at any particular time. Because this is a concept that we had given one another the space to genuinely demonstrate, we were really motivated to create something that would inspire that same energy and freedom, in others. As a result, B’Tru2Self was born. Birthing B’Tru2Self has been a multilayered process. We say ‘birthing’ because our brand is truly our baby; we cradle it, we take care of it, and we make decisions with its best interest, at heart.  What sets B’Tru2Self apart from other brands, in our humble opinion, is that we have simply produced what we practice. We design apparel that we believe people will gravitate towards because it will resonate with their reality. Our t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and hats are a reflection of a mindset, not just a fashion sense. If you’re someone who believes in being true to yourself, it’s easy to fall in love with our brand. We’re really proud of the way we’ve been able to connect with our customers, just by exhibiting our own commitment to truth. We truly feel like that energy is felt, and we won’t ever compromise, in that regard; nor would we expect anyone else to. As women, we believe in our right to exist in any shape, color, career, class, or identity. It is our belief that the truest success is felt, within, by those who are brave enough to stand firm in who they are, regardless of reception or perception. Internal success is what will attract external accolades, this is what we believe. The more authentic we are, the more plentiful our opportunities will be.  You can read the full article, here: